For business

Creating a place for innovation

New ludgate
changes scenes
New Ludgate’s varied and stimulating outside areas create ideal places to generate new ideas, from the busy public piazzetta to the more contemplative zones of the loggia and terrace.
Office Environments
''Respondents value accessibility to open space, with 70% using open spaces at least once a week and almost one third using it every day.'' Gensler; Open Space an Asset without a champion, 2011
New ludgate
makes things happen
Great ideas happen when your workforce is inspired. Stunning architecture, breathtaking views, and fresh air inside as well as outside all encourage creative thinking at New Ludgate.
''The ability to manage, organise, cultivate and nurture creative thinking is directly linked to growth and achievement.'' Ernst and Young, 'Connecting to Profit', report
New ludgate
thinks differently
We put our customers first so our design is a step ahead of the conventional and includes many inspiring features that will make both buildings exciting and efficient to occupy.
''72% of property directors believe businesses are picking up the bill for badly designed, energy-inefficient buildings.'' Gensler Report