For business

Creating a productive environment

New ludgate
breathes fresh air
Enhanced heating and cooling controls and high levels of fresh air inside the building help to keep staff motivated and increase productivity levels.
Office Environments
''Heating and cooling that tenants have more control over can improve their comfort, and therefore their productivity and motivational levels.'' Arup Office Worker Insight Survey, July 2013
New ludgate
has space
New Ludgate has been designed at an occupancy rate of 1 person per 8 sq m, providing you with plenty of room for future expansion without needing to take on extra space.
Building Design
''I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.'' Donald Trump
New ludgate
backs you up
Generators provide back-up power to prevent downtime if a single power source fails, while Solcore protection removes the risk of business interruption.
''Global organisations are losing more than 127 million person hours a year through lost employee productivity during IT downtime.''